Why should you work with ARU?

ARU is solely dedicated to providing member-owned group captive and alternative risk financing solutions to mid-sized companies throughout North America. We focus on the middle market because there is a shortage of expertise and properly designed alternative risk insurance products that can give middle market companies the edge that has been enjoyed by the Fortune 1000 and top global companies for decades. Large corporations know that trading dollars with insurance companies and “playing” the insurance market cycles can be very volatile, and generally is not good for business.

As an independent, privately held company without outside ownership, ARU is free from conflicts of interest that may arise with broker or insurance company owned operations. This also gives us the flexibility to react very quickly to changing business conditions and alter our products and services as needed.

Group captive model

ARU has created a group captive model that is designed to minimize volatility to the member insured’s while creating optimal returns on their investment. ARU group captives are a far cry from self-insurance. They are well-designed member owned reinsurance companies that are written on A+ or A rated licensed insurance company paper. ARU captives allow for the individual members to profit from controlling their predictable claims. The plans are designed to minimize volatility due to large claims or the unpredictable frequency of smaller claims. All plans are custom designed for each prospective insured according to their own claims experience and underwriting exposures.

A better way to buy insurance

Most companies have to buy insurance; ARU wants mid-sized companies that are interested in financing that insurance risk in a unique way and are attracted to:

  • Lowering insurance costs by eliminating “class underwriting”, while retaining underwriting profits and investment income
  • Stabilizing premiums while providing better control of all services and costs
  • Utilizing a long-term solution that works in hard and soft insurance markets
  • Benefiting from custom claims handling, loss control services and financial reports
  • Increasing market leverage

We pride ourselves on being very easy to work with and we try to make it as simple as possible for our brokers and insured’s to use our products and services. We don’t waste our client’s valuable time and quickly and honestly assess potential captive members.

ARU believes in developing strong personal relationships with all of our customers and insurance industry partners. Our culture is to attract talented employees who believe that providing outstanding customer service to our clients is essential every day of the year. Working hard, providing value to our clients, demonstrating integrity in all of our interactions, and having fun while we are at it is the business environment we live in.

Working with select insurance brokers

ARU works exclusively with select insurance brokers and agents in the United States and Canada. We believe strongly in the value of the broker/client relationship and believe that the brokers are essential in helping the insured captive members manage their investment. Collaborative efforts on the part of the broker, client, and ARU working as a team provide successful results for all.