ARU works closely with insurance brokers

ARU is firmly committed to working in partnership with select brokers throughout the United States and Canada. As a completely independent, privately held firm with no outside ownership, we dedicate all of our resources to helping our brokers succeed, without any of the conflicts presented by a broker-owned captive consultant.

We believe brokers who value the long-term benefits of our group captive products bring much to the table. Their knowledge of claims, loss control, and unique customer business practices help captive members maximize the value of their investment. Our brokers know that trading dollars with standard insurance approaches can be volatile and ineffective over the long-run.

ARU group captives provide some of the following benefits to our broker partners:

Unique capacity and products for your clients and prospects
Target market = Primary P&C on Middle- and Upper Middle-Market insureds (Typically $250,000 – $3,000,000 in premium for all primary casualty lines)
Based upon cost, not market pricing
Creates long-term partnerships with customers
Customers become investors and business partners with you
Converts a perceived commodity to an added value product
Client retention is excellent
Economies of scale
Increased leverage with markets
More efficient way to handle middle-market business
Limited Competition – Very few brokers have expertise and understanding of group captives
Excellent margins and growth potential
ARU is a resource for brokers, providing underwriting and captive consulting services, retail brokers continue to provide all traditional services
A fun and interesting product to sell!
We write business in a variety of industry classes in the construction, agricultural, trucking, manufacturing, service, and distribution industries.

ARU also is always looking at forming new group captive facilities in association with our brokers and insureds. We typically would require $3,000,000 in premium to launch a new group captive reinsurance company.

Please contact us if you are a broker who is interested in further exploring ARU programs.